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Tropical Cruises
Provides cruises through the coast of Rio de Janeiro and Green Coast, Brazil.

Cruise Compete
Offers cruise deals from a broad range of agents and to destinations like Brazil and others.

Amazon Cruise
Contains information about several river boats that cruise the Amazon river and more.

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Virtual Tradeshow
Software to create and manage 3D virtual tradeshows.

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Os melhores conselhos para viajar.

Ofertas Viajes baratos
Los mejores precios para viajar de forma economica.

Buscador viajes
Para encontrar el viaje perfecto.


Making a travel aboard a cruise is an amazing option for those who have a lot of free time in their hands.

Some people say that traveling on a cruise ship may be boring, since being on a ship limits the number of activities the tourist may enjoy during the trip, but sometimes that’s not the truth at all.

Every cruise offers several activities and amenities, whether for groups or singles, that allow passengers to enjoy their time on the sea, besides sightseeing in the cities which are on the itinerary for every stop.

Just like any other tourist travel, there are many categories of cruises for every occasion and cruiser profiles available. It’s interesting to do a little research before actually buying the package, since it may be difficult to give up the trip before the end of the itinerary. And everyone may remember the movie “Boat Trip”…