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MSN Weather - Brazil
Updated weather forecast for all regions of Brazil and main cities of the country. Precipitation forecast, satellite images and more.

Intellicast.com - Local Weather Brazil
Local weather forecast for the main Brazilian cities. Includes hourly forecast, observations, temperature, precipitation and other data.

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Check the Weather Forecast 

Thereís nothing worse than plan to spend the weekend at the beach to enjoy the sun, the heat and have fun, but, when you get there it rains so much that you canít even leave the hotel. If you plan on going to a cold region to enjoy the culinary delights that can warm you to the soul and when you get there you find yourself under a warm sun that run away form the coast where everyone wanted it, the frustration would be the same.

The weather forecasts are not always right, but they get more trustful everyday, and because the remedy is worse than the disease, donít forget to check the weather forecast of your travel destination before you leave home to avoid the unexpected.